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Apprenticeship at HAHN Automation. Your stepping stone into the world of technology.

For us, apprenticeship means investing in the future: in yours and ours. That's why we offer training in eight different professions at our Training & Education Center (TEC) in Rheinböllen every year. Each year, 15 new trainees start their career with us. We currently have around 60 young people in training.

In addition, our locations in Austria and the USA also train apprentices. You can get more information directly from the respective location.

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This is what we offer our trainees in the TEC:

  • 997€ training compensation in the first year of training
  • 30 days annual vacation
  • capital-forming benefits
  • well-equipped training workshop in own premises with two full-time trainers
  • workwear
  • free catering (water, coffee, tea, fruit, ...)
  • discounted lunch (currently 2€) in our canteen
  • leisure activities and company events

Informiere dich hier zu folgenden Themen:

We train the following professions.

We can offer future trainees the opportunity to choose one of seven different apprenticeships. Our Training & Education Center is located in Rheinböllen, Germany, at our headquarters. You can find more detailed information and training content for the respective professions here:

  • Mechatronic Engineer (m/f/d)
  • Industrial Mechanic (m/f/d)
  • Machinist (m/f/d)
  • Electrician for Industrial Engineering (m/f/d)
  • Industrial Clerks (m/f/d)
  • Warehouse Logistics Technician(m/f/d)
  • IT Systems Integration Technician (m/f/d)


In addition, our locations in Austria and the USA also train apprentices. You can get more information directly from the respective location.

Why choose HAHN Automation?

We care about your future!

HAHN Automation offers you many possibilities: We have regional roots and are on the move worldwide - a young company with strong growth. Training is of particular importance to us, because we rely on our self-trained junior staff. The chance to be employed by us after the training is above average. We understand qualified professional training to be more than just teaching specialist knowledge. It is particularly important to us that our trainees can develop their personalities and are encouraged to fully develop their strengths.

After your apprenticeship at HAHN Automation all ways are open to you: no matter if you want to continue working in your learned profession and gain professional experience, or if you decide for further education in the form of studies, technician or similar - we are happy to support and accompany you in all steps. Even if you want to take a completely different path, we fully understand your decision and will support you in doing so.

Apprentice exchange in the USA.

Once a year, two of our technical commercial trainees from Germany are given the opportunity to get to know our subsidiary in the USA. They spend three full weeks on the other side of the Atlantic. In return, trainees from the USA also have the opportunity to come to Germany.

The exchange program enables the trainees to get to know our location in the USA, its working methods, technologies and production processes. They spend a wonderful and unforgettable time, which contributes to seeing HAHN as one company - and not as a union of regional locations. During this time, you will keep a diary of your time abroad, which allows us to share these exciting and enriching challenges.


Exchange as life experience - language and culture.

In addition to language and culture, trainees get to know many new people and impressions and learn to deal with difficulties and solve problems independently. This strengthens their self-confidence and enriches their personal life experience. You can read about what our trainees experienced during their exchange in the experience reports!

Here you can find the German reports:


USA 2015 - Dennis & Stephan   USA 2016 - Vanessa & Florian   USA 2017 - Jonas & David   USA 2018 - Tobias & Erik   USA 2019 - Robin & Kevin


And here you can find the reports of the American colleagues (English):


Germany 2017 - Anthony   Germany 2017 - Chris


Apprentice industrial mechanic

My tasks at HAHN Automation:

In my first year of apprenticeship I was mainly dealing with the manufacturing of different workpieces. Here we learn and use the most different techniques. We receive processing orders from our trainers and also from other employees, for example from assembly and production. The manufactured parts are then used for the assembly of the various systems. Creativity is not neglected here - sometimes I am confronted with orders for which there are no solutions yet. Then it's time to collect ideas and drafts and to try them out!

That' s why I like working at HAHN Automation:

I have always been very interested in trying my skills as a mechanic and " fiddling around " with things. HAHN Automation, as a modern and fast growing company, offers me a lot of space for this. In this flexible and innovative company I learn new things every day.

It is a lot of fun to work on projects together with the other trainees. You laugh a lot together and you can support each other. The trainers at HAHN Automation always have an open ear for us, no matter if it is about personal concerns or work-related questions.


My special moment at HAHN Automation:

For me it is always something special when I leave the training workshop as an apprentice. Through work orders from production or assembly and the exchange of ideas that comes with them, I learn a lot about my future field of work. Sometimes we also work in assembly. This insight into the actual work makes it easier for me to imagine working as an industrial mechanic!


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