Modular components – flexible systems

With MasterCell, our modular assembly cell, HAHN Automation laid the foundation for flexible, module-based assembly systems in 2004. The individual modules facilitate rapid relocation and recommissioning. Rigid base frames along with a logistics-oriented design and plug-in installations help make global rollouts and relocation possible. Our engineers select components and peripheral devices that can be easily redeployed in the future thereby reducing the cost for future reconfiguration. Likewise, part-specific tooling is designed for changeover in anticipation of future product demands.

MasterCell – individual usability, reduced engineering

MasterCell stands out due to its many advantages and flexible utilization: Its consistent design and modular dimensioning reduce engineering times, allowing the focus to be on the process. Application of the modular assembly cell is particularly flexible: No matter whether employing manual loading, robot integration or connection to transfer technologies. Individual, demand-based usage is no problem. MasterCell is designed for specific processes or for use in clean rooms as MasterCell CleanRoom. It is configured with a stand-alone control and safety concept, which can be integrated over the Ethernet or the bus system into a comprehensive line controller and MES 

Scalable layouts – adaptive degree of automation

The modular concept is developed with scalable layouts so that an adaptive degree of automation can be realized in response to customer plant-specific needs. Feeding from components or the packaging of finished parts can be easily integrated into the system: Adaptation is effected specifically for each project, just as is hardware and software integration – this is what the tray feeding systems are for - developed and manufactured by HAHN Automation in two configurations: HighStacker and WideStacker.

High-speed handling – TransMaster and LiftMaster

Servo-mechanical transfer handling systems have been designed especially for short cycle times: TransMaster is a robust, intrinsically safe transfer system used for buffering and loading/unloading complex hard-to-feed components. Integrated cooling is also a standard option. In-line vision and servo systems can be integrated to ensure perfect part orientation. In addition to this system, HAHN Automation also utilizes LiftMaster: This special handling system is used primarily for loading and unloading high-cavity rubber injection molds with one or several inserts. It is configured with a height adjustment, a linear unit and a swivel joint.

Process engineering



Testing technology