Testing techniques

Intelligent turnkey solutions – global applications

Global developments and innovation demand ever more standardized, intelligent turnkey solutions. HAHN Automation has developed integrated, comprehensive solutions encompassing assembly and the processes to testing and inspection. These concepts are adapted to the needs of the system operator: For this, we have developed our own testing processes that not only conform to the latest state of technology but are designed to a particularly high degree of efficiency as well. On the process-side, the real-time-capable processes developed by HAHN Automation are based on LabView®. On the operator-side, displays are depicted using the classic human-machine-interface (HMI) approach. Part of our solution is to establish all common interfaces on the hardware-side as well as with respect to the safety and control systems.

Interface integration – standardized testing systems

Integration of testing systems and interfaces at the fieldbus level and into the Ethernet – a matter of course for us. This is realized, among other options, via LIN bus. The testing systems have been developed and standardized based on years of experience in fulfilling customer demands. This guarantees that our processes will always live up to customer expectations at a consistently high level of quality. HAHN Automation’s special test system, DynamicCheck, performs industry-standard dynamic force-displacement testing of damping elements, such as hydromounts, hydro bushings and shock absorbers, as well as testing according to the German Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA). In addition to force-displacement testing, multi-sensor testing can also be performed, on wet-/dry-running pumps as well as on actuators.

Multi-sensor testing – cold-gas test stand for exhaust gas turbochargers

The cold-gas test stand for exhaust gas turbochargers represents a milestone in the development of multi-sensor testing. As with all multi-sensor testing, the graphical interface and operability, in addition to measured data acquisition and analysis, are of particular importance to the user. Here, too, HAHN Automation adheres to the basic principle of real-time-capable measuring systems based on LabView® on the process-side and the classic HMI approach on the operator-side.

Process engineering