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Trainee project 2021 - we support “Lebenshilfe“

The apprentices are always allowed to devote part of their working hours to exciting trainee projects. On the one hand, this gives them the opportunity to develop independent solutions to problems and to apply the knowledge they have already acquired. On the other hand, it is also a source of pride when the finished result can be presented to colleagues or interested young people at training fairs or events.

This time, the apprentices from the second year were allowed to realize an apprentice project of a somewhat different kind: Lebenshilfe Rhein-Hunsrück had asked if we could optimize their painting machine a bit, since the operation was not ideal to handle. This painting machine gives people with disabilities the opportunity to be creative and design their own pictures. Of course, we immediately accepted such an exciting project that can make many people happy as well. Therefore, the painting machine was handed over to our trainees by Lebenshilfe and step by step optimized by them with the support of the trainers.

First, the electronics technicians were able to demonstrate their skills by retrofitting safety plugs so that the machine can be used safely in the future. Furthermore, the industrial mechanics calculated a new gear motor and mounted it with the help of a bracket they developed and manufactured themselves. To make the use of the painting machine more sustainable, the apprentice team designed the inner walls and the paper holder so that both can be removed and washed off in just a few steps. This means that from now on there will be no need to use aluminum foil to line the interior. To make it easier to transport the machine from A to B, carrying handles have also been mounted on the sides.

After all steps had been carried out and the optimization was completed, the painting machine was personally handed back to Lebenshilfe by the trainees. We very much hope that it will be actively used there and that it will bring joy to many of the people cared for by Lebenshilfe. For our trainees it was an exciting and instructive project, which at the same time will be an enrichment for other people. We are proud of your achievement and your efforts!


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