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The future in engineering - digital twin and virtual journeys

It should no longer be a secret that digitization has also long since arrived in mechanical engineering. But in an interview for the Rhein-Zeitung Wirtschaft, editor Hans-Rolf Goebel wanted to know from managing directors Frank Konrad and Jörg Kilb what opportunities and possibilities this really opens up.

Among other things, the two explained the use of AR (augmented reality) glasses and what advantages this offers HAHN Automation. For example, since the use of such glasses, service technicians have to fly abroad much less often, but can detect problems via live streaming on their laptop and support the customer much faster and with much lower costs.

"With our glasses, we have the possibility to look into the machine from Rheinböllen anywhere in the world with the eyes of the technician on site."
- Jörg Kilb, COO at HAHN Automation

For some time now, HAHN Automation has also been using VR (virtual reality) glasses, both internally and in meetings with customers, to virtually inspect machines and even put them into operation. For this purpose, a digital twin is created for the individual customer machine, which can simulate the future production process even before the first part for the machine has been physically manufactured. In this way, problems can be identified much earlier and optimizations can be made even before the individual modules are manufactured in assembly, which in turn can also mean reduced costs for the customer and less expense for HAHN Automation.

The topics of data analysis and artificial intelligence (AI) were also an elementary part of the interview, which you can read in full at www.rhein-zeitung.de or conveniently download here (available only in German).


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