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New assembly area and office capacity - in Rheinboellen the move is getting closer

In the summer of 2020, during the Corona crisis, the groundbreaking ceremony for the expansion of the assembly and office capacities was held in Rheinböllen. Because of the good order backlog and the promising future, the planned new building could be started in the early summer months despite the worldwide ongoing COVID-19 crisis. In addition to around 7,000 m² of additional assembly space and numerous offices and meeting rooms, the new building will also include a new, enlarged canteen. Furthermore, the manufacturing area will be expanded and the industrial trainees will also have new premises.

The additional space is urgently needed, especially for the assembly of new lines, as a good third of the total assembly area is currently taken up by just one single line. This is because the assembly and test solutions that are manufactured in Rheinböllen are not only increasingly complex, but also ever larger. Plant layouts of 15 x 30 meters are no longer uncommon in design. But what can still be easily realized in 3D on the PC has been a headache for the assembly planners for months: distributing all the machines to be assembled among the available shop floors in the planning is sometimes very much like a game of Tetris.

Especially in the healthcare sector, HAHN Automation was able to achieve strong growth last year, so that some projects in the range of 5 to 20 million euros will fill the new hall. Due to the diverse technologies to be used and the resulting number of stations and interlinking, these assembly and test lines also require a lot of space.

The greater the joy that the move into the new hall is now finally in sight. The first modules are to be moved into the new building as early as the beginning of February. Among them will be the complete SmartSolutions product series, as the new premises will also feature an open showroom for customer visits and live demos of the innovative products. All currently available cells - TORQUE, PRESS, DISPENSE and PLASMA - will be available for testing and demonstration in the new building.

But also among the employees outside the assembly the excitement about the new building is rising, as on the one hand the opening of the new canteen is planned for this summer, but on the other hand also some colleagues move into new modern offices. HAHN Automation also sends a strong signal for the region and beyond: the new premises and perspectives not only allow to strengthen the training offer in the Hunsrueck region, but also provide numerous new jobs, both for young talents and for skilled experts of various professional fields.



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