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30 years HAHN Automation - Looking back on a successful anniversary week

In September HAHN Automation celebrated its 30th anniversary. This was taken as an opportunity to hold Innovation Days in Rheinböllen from 14.09. - 15.09.22 combined with an in-house exhibition, to which many long-standing partners and customers such as Beckhoff Automation, Festo, Epson, Omron, KUKA, ABB, FANUC, Bosch Rexroth, Mitsubishi Electric, Walther Systemtechnik GmbH, United Robotics Group, RobShare, SCHUNK and Montratec were welcomed. "The active participation of partners and customers is representative of the many partnerships that have grown over the past 30 years. As HAHN Automation, we stand for the strong bond in the region, but also for the close ties with our partners, suppliers and customers," describes Frank Konrad, CEO of HAHN Automation.

On Saturday 17.09. the "Open House Day" took place, which traditionally enjoys great popularity. More than 5,000 interested people from the region as well as employees of HAHN Automation including its sister companies were opened the doors to the company location on this day. The occasion was used for the handing over of the keys of the newly opened part of the building by the shareholders Frank Konrad, Marco Unverzagt and Thomas Hähn to the managing director at the site, Jörg Kilb.

After two years of construction, the three-story building with over 7,000 m² of floor space was completed this summer. The new part of the building is home to the new Training & Education Center (TEC), which will henceforth offer the best training conditions for up to 100 trainees and students. In addition, a new assembly area of 2,500 m² and a modern office area of 1,500 m² have set the course for future projects. In the basement of the new building, the workforce can look forward to a new canteen with over 250 seats as a meeting place. "We are full of anticipation to now be able to make full use of the new building. We find the best conditions here for trainees at TEC as well as in the top modern offices and the canteen. Furthermore, we have taken a big step towards C02 reduction by installing additional photovoltaic systems, which already allow us to be energy self-sufficient during the summer period," says Jörg Kilb (COO, HAHN Automation).

The official part of the event also included a panel discussion with the participation of the Minister for Economy, Transport, Agriculture and Viticulture in Rhineland-Palatinate Daniela Schmitt, Member of the German Bundestag Dr. Marlon Bröhr and District Administrator Volker Boch. Core topics of the discussion were the role of HAHN Automation in the region, the challenges of the current time for a global acting company like HAHN Automation as well as the promotion of young talents, which is an essential part of the DNA of HAHN Automation. At the site in Rheinböllen, 55 young people are currently being trained.

"We can be proud of the role HAHN Automation plays in the region. With over 600 employees at the Rheinböllen site, we are one of the largest employers in the region. In order to be able to attract skilled workers in the future, we are on the one hand actively committed to the infrastructure development in the Rhine-Hunsrück region, on the other hand the promotion and training of young people is a fundamental part of our strategy. In addition, we succeed in retaining our employees in our company. We are pleased about the close exchange we maintain with state and federal political representatives in this regard," reports Frank Konrad (CEO, HAHN Automation).

The open house day was also used to support charitable organizations and associations in the region. Thus, around €12,500 in donations were generated on this Saturday, which among other things will go to VOR-TOUR der Hoffnung e.V. to support children suffering from cancer and in need of help throughout Germany. The VOR-TOUR has been supported by HAHN Automation for many years and was also represented with a booth on site at the open house. Furthermore, a large part of the donations will go to the newly founded association HAHN to Heart e.V., which has made it its business to support charitable initiatives in the Hunsrück region and beyond.

Many thanks to all visitors who were on site during the anniversary week and made the Innovation Days and the Open House such a great event!

HAHN Automation becomes HAHN Automation Group. You can find information about the re-branding here:

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