Always up to date with »EVE connect«

Our cross-device dashboards, already well-established on the market, make it possible to easily monitor the machine status from a PC, Smartphone or Tablet.

The transparent listing of all production machines and robotic cells is now plant-independent and can be expanded at any time. The user-friendly interface provides a quick and uncomplicated view of the actual status of your production equipment. E-mail notifications and “easy to send” service requests facilitate a timely and, above all, targeted intervention into the respective process chain.

Your Advantage

  • Transparent production control
  • Reduced downtime
  • Notification via PC, Smartphone or Tablet (E-mail notifications)
  • Flexible setup of user accounts and access rights
  • Easy “Status Check” at any place and time
  • High security level

“The most important advantage is the continuous monitoring of the status of the machine. Insights gained therein can be applied to the production control or, for example, to accelerate maintenance by working faster and more result-oriented. Therefore, it is possible to achieve continuous improvement of the machine, the machine operators, and the working environment.”

Paul Sandmann, Industrial Engineering, Veritas Thüringen GmbH

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