One-to-one assistance with »EVE augment«

With EVE augment, an innovative communication technology, our customers benefit from an exclusive service within the field of Augmented Reality (AR).

Video calls together with smart glasses (or a mobile device with an appropriate App) provide personal and cross-border support in real-time. Throughout the live transmission, our experienced service technicians offer their professional support in the form of visual gestures, demonstration, messaging and data uploads. This avoids costly and time-consuming on-site support measures.  Another tremendous advantage when using AR glasses is that the user has both hands free to work.

Your Advantage

  • Shorter response times, faster online support
  • Hands-free working with smart glasses
  • Efficient training with “real life experience”
  • Shorter inspection and test times
  • Reduction in machine downtime (real-time analysis and fact finding)
  • High security level

“What the smart glasses allow me to do in this case is having an expert on site via Internet. The glasses provide the Service technician a view of what I see and allow him to show me the next steps that I have to take in order to reteach a robot a new position. One of the big advantages is that I have both hands free and don’t have to be on the phone with someone. The time difference between getting a task done with the AR glasses versus talking through a phone is enormous. It’s been a very good experience and I’m looking forward to using the glasses more in production.”

Production Manager, Automotive Industry

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