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HAHN Automation receives innovation award again

© MWVLW-RLP Kristina Schäfer

© MWVLW-RLP Kristina Schäfer

HAHN Automation was awarded for the second time with the Innovation Award of the Ministry of Economics Rhineland-Palatinate.

HAHN Automation received the special award in the category "Digitization / Industry 4.0" for the product line "EVE smart services".

Due to years of process expertise and the use of the latest technologies, with "EVE" HAHN Automation was able to successfully expand its extensive service portfolio in the field of digitization. “EVE smart services" is the digital product division consisting of four different products: EVE connect, EVE augment, EVE interact and EVE optimize.

The components of EVE are designed in order to further increase the productivity, efficiency and quality of customer systems by digitalizing certain processes. Depending on the combination of EVE products, plant operators can, for example, perform an initial fault analysis online and with greatly reduced response times. In addition, they can receive virtual support from a team of HAHN Automation experts via Augmented Reality Glasses. This reduces the number of service visits and therefore trips worldwide to a minimum and at the same time protects the environment.

In addition, "EVE smart services" will create new jobs in Rheinböllen and at the global subsidiaries of HAHN Automation. In the age of digitalization and industry 4.0, the economy is increasingly demanding digital competencies, which the company can demonstrate both regionally and internationally. "We owe this know-how not least to our teams, which actively contribute new ideas and collaborate innovatively. By continuous optimization we create again and again new solutions for our customers in the whole world and secure thereby our market position, which is enormously important in a highly dynamic and competitive market.” Mario Kasper, Director of Finance & Controlling, HAHN Automation.