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Respectful conduct – trustworthy collegial relationships

The people who have made a company what it is today represent the greatest asset of the company. HAHN Automation fosters a relationship with its staff based on respect and trust as an absolute prerequisite to and foundation for successful business activities. It is possible to develop one’s full potential only when working in an attractive social environment.

Company health management – promoting a healthy corporate culture

HAHN Automation’s health management program is more than just a fruit basket in the cafeteria or weekly fitness activities: rather it is a corporate culture that promotes employee health by providing an ergonomic workplace and activities to encourage healthy habits. In this spirit, varying semi-annual sports and fitness programs are offered that introduce employees to such activities as kick boxing, fascia training and Tai Chi. Topics like stress management and work-life balance are also addressed. In addition to the positive health effects, these initiatives promote a sense of community and social cohesion among employees. HAHN Automation also rewards healthy behaviour through an in-house incentive program.

A stable apprenticeship


Career Opportunities